Barliman's Chat This Saturday at 6pm ET, Hall of Fire rejoins our four heroic Hobbits as they begin the long journey home to the Shire.

‘I know what you have come to say, Frodo: you wish to return to your own home. Well, dearest friend, the tree grows best in the land of its sires; but for you in all the lands of the West there will ever be a welcome. And though your people have had little fame in the legends of the great, they will now have more renown than any wide realms that are no more.’

The Return of the King: Book VI, Chapter VI: Many Partings

The Hobbits and their comrades leave Minas Tirith in the company of many of Rohan and Gondor’s nobility. Galadriel, Celeborn, Elrond and their folk accompany them — an honour guard that escorts Theoden’s body on its final journey to Edoras. There, the late King of Rohan is buried with his ancestors, a great feast is held in the Golden Hall and Eowyn and Faramir are troth-plighted.

The company leaves Edoras and continues North. Along the way, new allies and old friends part, and at Isengard they discover Saruman gone. Months later, the four Hobbits reach Rivendell and are re-united with Bilbo.

Why do you think that Treebeard let Saruman free? How does Tolkien show how the world is changing into a new Age? And what does Saruman mean by the Wise having ‘pulled down their own house’?

Join us in #thehalloffire today at 6pm ET as we explore Chapter VI of The Return of the King; ‘Many Partings’.

Orthanc in the Second Age, by Ted Nasmith
Treegarth of Orthanc by Ted Nasmith.

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