elessar If you were at Comic-Con 2014, you would have had a chance to see this wonderful handmade Middle-earth collectible.

The awesome folks at Badali Jewelry have a brand new collectible now up for sale on their website. The Elessar the Elfstone brooch that Aragorn was given by Galadriel as a gift from Arwen while in Lothlorien can now be yours. 

This expertly crafted item can be purchased in sterling silver as either a brooch or necklace for a special price of $169 or in white bronze for a special price of $99. The regular price for both of these is $169 for sterling silver and $129 for the white bronze. If you would like to add a Green Cubic Zirconia to your item then it will add $70 to your order. Make sure you get your order in now before these specials end!