Barliman's Chat Throughout its history, the One Ring comes to different people of many races. It tempts them all, preying on their individual weaknesses and ambitions. Some fall to its lure, some fear even to touch it. Yet two small Hobbits carry the Ring all the way to the heart of Mordor.

Thus, an interesting question arises: were Hobbits in general more resistant to the One Ring? And, if so, why?

More, does this extend to all the rings of power that the Noldor of Eregion forged in the Second Age?

The nature of Hobbit resistance to the Rings of Power

While Frodo and Bilbo each bore the One for a long period of time, the wisest (arguably) of the Wise — Gandalf, will not even hear of being offered the Ring. It clearly tempts Galadriel sorely, and leads Boromir to ruin as surely as it led Isildur to his.

A Hobbit in the Vale of Anduin named Smeagol once fell to the power of the One Ring almost instantly, while Men like Aragorn and Faramir hardly seem to aknowledge its existence. And even the strongest willed of the men who later become known as the Nazgul find the Nine rings too much for their mortal frames, while the dwarves proved legendarily resistant to the Seven.

Is there some common denominator to be found among all these stories? Were Hobbits truly more resistant than other races to the rings of power?

Join us in the Hall of Fire this Saturday at 6pm ET as we discuss these questions that lie at the heart of The Lord of the Rings.

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