Arwen and Elessar This Saturday at 6pm ET, Hall of Fire returns to Minas Tirith as the entire city waits anxiously for news of Aragorn and the army that has marched on the Black Lands.

And no news came. After the host left Morgul Vale and took the northward road beneath the shadow of the mountains no messenger had returned nor any rumour of what was passing in the brooding East.

The Return of the King: Book VI, Chapter V: The Steward and the King

In the Houses of Healing, Eowyn finally rises from her bed. Physically healed, she remains downcast in spirit and demands to see the Steward of the City. Faramir is struck by her beauty, yet also perceives her grief and unrest. Eowyn, in turn, finds a measure of reassurance and even acceptance from Faramir’s gentle wisdom, possibly because of the subtle ways that his situation mirrors hers.

Later, an Eagle brings news of Sauron’s downfall. Soon the city returns to normal as the refugees return home and ready Minas Tirith for the new king’s return. Before the city walls, Aragorn is acclaimed the heir of Elendil, and crowned by Gandalf and Frodo.

In the early days of Aragorn’s reign, Gandalf takes him to a hallow high on Mount Mindolluin where they find a sapling of the White Tree. Summer comes to Gondor, and a great following of elves appear from the North. On midsummer’s day Aragorn finally weds Arwen.

How is Eowyn finally healed? How does Aragorn show his greatness during his coronation and in the following first days of his reign? What does the White Tree signify?

Join us this Saturday at 6pm ET in Hall of Fire as we discuss this chapter that poses many interesting questions.

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alan_lee_the lord of the rings_iii-6-05_the steward and the king_med
The White Tree by Alan Lee.

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