We all know that Warner Bros. and the production crew of The Hobbit have been very quiet since the turn of the year, releasing only a trickle of material relating to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

That doesn’t mean that readers and movie fans have been dormant. In fact, they’ve been pretty active producing fake teaser posters.

Here are just five that we really like.

1) The apocalyptic.

Source: unknown.


2) The moody.

Source: Bilbo-babe.

10.05.14 - 1

3) The ominous.

Source: CAMW1N.

12.06.14 - 1

4) The inferno.

Source: Oakanshield.

14 - 1

2) The abstract.

Source: Bilbo-babe.


BONUS: There and Back Again poster
Source: Ryan Crain


Bootnote: If anyone knows the provenance of the unattributed posters, drop me a note and I’ll add proper attribution.