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The Leaves of Laurelindórenan

by Nomad1420

Once there were eight leaves of Lórien,
One drifted over the falls,
One was cast down by the way and yet found,
And one flew to Isengard’s walls,
Two were blown toward the darkening East
While three hasted Westward to war
Each year the leaves of Lothlórien fall
But seldom her leaves fall so far


Too young

For Fili and Kili

By Kili’s Runestone

Too young for so much fighting
For such needless death
Too young for so much sadness
To watch their father’s last breath
Too young
To never

Too young to sacrifice
To watch their king fall
Too young to be alone
To lose it all
Too young
To never

Why do the good die young?
Why such evil fates?
Why does gold and glory call
When death awaits?
Why did
They never

Too young to scream like that
For their hearts to be rent
Too young to have to grow up
In that moment
When they saw
Him fall
And heard
Him cry

Too young to get up
To have to fight
Too young to do what they did
To never see the light
Too young
To never

Too young to never come back
To watch each other die
Too young to hold each other
And cry
Too young to hold each other
And die


Faded Legends

by Cassie

A final goodbye and the last ship will sail,
The white gulls are calling an end to the tale.
No more will the Fair folk be seen on these shores
Slipping to fable, remembered no more.

Halflings and Naugrim will all pass away,
And the ship as it sails out of sight of the bay,
will turn to the west where Undying lands lie,
needing no hand to guide it, so straight will it fly.

An elf and a dwarf will be carried aboard
the last of their kind to depart from these shores.
And as history turns into legend and myth
Mankind will forget what it is that they miss.