bg_wxFiK Daniel Wood writing over on Yahoo! profiles what he think will be the stand-out moments during The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Do you agree? What are yours?

‘There and Back Again’ will be the final Hobbit film in the trilogy and likely the last ever Middle-earth film directed by Peter Jackson so it goes without saying that like ‘Return of the King’ the director will be pulling out all of the stops to blow people away. Especially considering that storyline-wise ‘There and Back Again’ will be the biggest film in terms of scale and action!

This seems to be confirmed by the Hobbit’s visual effects supervisor who recently said in an interview earlier this year “There’s going to be a battle. That’s not too much of a surprise for people. It’ll be spectacular. Film one was the set-up, getting to know the characters and everyone up and on the way. Film two was the consolidation of all of that and getting to know what drives Thorin for the quest of his homeland and what drives Bilbo. Film three is going to be the payoff for all of that.”

So what can we expect to see that will truly make ‘There and Back Again’ the pure unabashed spectacle that it deserves to be?

The Desolation of Smaug

head I mean this in both senses of the phrase.

Seeing Smaug literally desolating Lake-town and rendering the rickety wooden lake-born village to ashes will be visually stunning as will the eventual downfall of Benedict Cumberbatch’s serpentine villain courtesy of Bard the Bowman and his black arrow. This is likely to kick off the movie and will really get the adrenaline pumping for events to come.


The attack on Dol Guldur

dol guldur Dol Guldur has featured heavily in the Hobbit films being the base of all evil with the Necromancer, Bolg and Azog the Defiler all originating from that central point. In the final moments of ‘Desolation of Smaug’ we saw that Gandalf was held captive there.

This storyline comes from the appendices of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ends with Celeborn (who I don’t believe we’ll see in the film) and Galadriel destroying the fortress and freeing the forest of its evil. I believe this is a sequence we will see in ‘There and Back Again’ and it’ll be spectacular to see Galadriel’s true impressive power.

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