Enya A film website is reporting that Enya is set to record the closing song for The Hobbit: There And Back Again.

The new Song will coincide with the release of Enyas 9th Studio Album in December.

Before anyone gets too excited though, one must point out that the story is completely unattributed and unsourced. And check those typos.

Apart from that, there has been no announcement the Irish singer-songwriter will be releasing a new studio album (which would be her eighth such release, not her ninth — 1992’s The Celts was a remaster/re-release of her solo debut) later this year. According to reports, she has been working on new material since 2011. Plus Enya’s own website has been inactive since 2010.

Strange things do occur in Middle-earth, but I’d be wary of putting much (any?) faith in this report just yet. Thanks to Ringer Huan for the heads-up!

EDIT Seems that Doug Adams has noticed this rumour as well.

I think we can interpret that as “You might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment”.

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