Barliman's Chat This weekend, Hall of Fire continues on with the Return of the King, exploring the events of The Muster of Rohan.

‘Hail Lord of the Rohirrim, friend of Gondor!’ he said. ‘Hirgon I am, errand-rider of Denethor, who bring you this token of war. Gondor is in great need. Often the Rohirrim have aided us, but now the Lord Denethor asks for all your strength and all your speed; lest Gondor fall at last.’

The Return of the King: Book V, Chapter III — The Muster of Rohan

Of all the fellowship, Merry alone remains with Theoden to witness the mustering of the Rohirrim and the arrival of the Red Arrow.

Theoden is determined that Merry should remain safe in Rohan, but “where will wants not, a way opens” and a mysterious rider sneaks him into the host.

Join us this Saturday at 5pm ET (New York time) as we discuss the Muster of Rohan, Denethor’s seemingly over-late plea for assistance from his ancient allies and examine the mysteries of the Pukel men and the legend of the paths of the dead.

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