Barliman's Chat Tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm ET, Hall of Fire rejoins the action of the Return of the King. Events are moving quickly -– Sauron is on the move, and the muster of Rohan must occur soon if Minas Tirith is to survive.

[Aragorn] looked up, and it seemed that he had made some decision; his face was less troubled. “Then, by your leave, lord, I must take new counsel for myself and my kindred. We must ride our own road, and no longer in secret. For me the time of stealth has passed. I will ride east by the swiftest way, and I will take the Paths of the Dead.’

The Return of the King Bk V, Ch II: The Passing of the Grey Company

Aragorn fears the Rohirrim cannot ride quickly enough to Gondor’s aid. Using the Palantir, he dares a perilous mental battle with Sauron to gain vital intelligence that sends the Dunedain of the north racing toward Pelargir.

Leaving Merry with Theoden, Aragorn decides the company must travel the Paths of the Dead –- a name as ill-omened as Cirith Ungol. Join us at 5pm ET Saturday in the Hall of Fire for what’s sure to be a lively discussion!

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March 22-23: RoTK Bk 5, Ch 3: The Muster of Rohan.

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