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So come and join us by the hearth and enjoy!

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These  poems were submitted in celebration of the Professors birthday this month 🙂


A Birthday Present to Professor Tolkien

(written from the pov of a hobbit)

By: Llinos

On the anniversary of your birth,
I’d like to thank you for Middle-earth,
For the rivers, plains and mountains of fire,
But most of all – thanks for The Shire.

The woods and fields and little streams,
The beech trees talking in their dreams,
Cosy homes with big round doors,
You made them ours, these tales of yours.

Thanks for making hobbits like us,
Quiet shy folk, who don’t want a fuss,
Thanks for making us loyal and true,
Oh and thanks for the ale and pipeweed too.

For making us lively and full of tricks
And never taller than three foot six,
For sturdy feet and woolly pates,
Second breakfast and filled up plates.

You found a place, peaceful and calm,
And filled it with wonder, magic and charm,
Although a professor, learned and wise,
You shared the world you saw through your eyes.

On hobbits’ birthdays, we give things away,
And it’s clear that you celebrate in the same way.
You gave us a gift more precious than gold,
A wonderful dream that will never grow old.


Homage to J.R.R. Tolkien

By Ithilwen of Imladris

Each a glimmering world on high,
Jewel-like, they fill the sky.
Souls of fire, flowers fair
Opening like diamonds in the air.

Happy he who loves their light,
He who wand’ring in the night
Hears their stories, ancient lays,
Stories of the Elder Days.