Barliman's Chat Disagreement and argument is inevitable in any fandom. However, there’s a point where the disgreements become so vehement, and the positions of the sides so entrenched that constructive debate becomes impossible.

At that point you have what media and fandom wiki TV Tropes calls a Broken (Fan)Base.

This is the topic that we’ll be examining tomorrow in The Hall of Fire: is the Tolkien/Lord of the Rings fanbase irretrievably broken, and did Peter Jackson break it with The Hobbit?

Can we still constructively debate Jackson’s adaptations any more without having to “agree to disagree”, or falling into flamewars?

And if we cannot, can this be put down to a single root cause, or is it the result of a number of editorial and production decisions? Or a people (fans) simply too demanding?

Join us at 5pm EST Saturday in the Hall of Fire for what’s sure to be a lively discussion!

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How long do your topic chats go for?

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