Barliman's Chat This weekend at 5pm ET Sunday, Hall of Fire resumes Two Towers chapter chats with the penultimate chapter of Book IV — Shelob’s Lair.

‘This is the way in,’ said Gollum softly. ‘This is the entrance to the tunnel.’ He did not speak its name: Torech Ungol, Shelob’s Lair. Out of it came a stench, not the sickly odour of decay in the meads of Morgul, but a foul reek, as if filth unnameable were piled and hoarded in the dark within.

The Two Towers: Book IV, Chapter IX – Shelob’s Lair

Steep cliffs and a tunnel confront Frodo and Sam as they attempt to find their way through Ephel Duath into the land of Mordor. Frodo has placed much of his trust in the murderer Gollum and the strength of his given word, but within the tunnel’s lightless depths lies a forgotten horror that hails from the Elder Days of Middle-earth.

For Gollum has also made a pact with Shelob. Now, he is about to deliver two tasty hobbits to her in a way that will allow him to keep the letter of each of his promises, and allow him to get his own back against Sam and, perhaps, Shelob.

Come join us later today at 5pm EST in the Hall of Fire for what’s sure to be a lively discussion!

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