Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re like us, you have a few more things on your list and what better way to complete the task than buying some Hobbity presents. TORns staffers Mithril and Altaira scoured the internet to find the perfect Hobbit-related presents to celebrate the holidays and the release of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and we were astounded by how many wonderful choices there are. So, without further ado, here (in no particular order) are our top 10 gift suggestions for your favorite Hobbit fan (even if that happens to be you). All amounts are in U.S. dollars.


Hobbit Score - AUJHobbit Score - DOS

1) The musical score special editions: Amazon (DOS $19.29; AUJ $21.15)

Journey from the Carrock through Mirkwood to Laketown and on to Erebor, swept up in the intricate and thrilling soundscapes of Middle-earth created by Academy Award-Winning Howard Shore. The special edition features twelve extended tracks, a bonus track, expanded liner notes and interactive sheet music packaged in a hardcover DigiBook.

[Desolation of Smaug] [An Unexpected Journey]



Thorin's Map Weta2) Thorin’s map: Weta Workshop $29.99

Every Tolkien fan should be able to find their way to the back doorstep of Smaug’s lair. One of the most magical book illustrations ever created is now available printed on fine parchment with specially highlighted moon runes. Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

[Purchase Here]





Tauriel's Pendant

3) Tauriel’s pendant and chain: Weta $179.00

Stumped on what to give your Elven warrior princess for Christmas? This is the perfect gift. Arrives in a beautifully crafted box made of Mirkwood Forest beech wood.

[Purchase Here]





Film Cell Bookmarks

4) Desolation of Smaug film cell bookmarks: hobbitshop.com $24.95

What’s not to like about these? Gaze into a little piece of Middle-earth while reading your favorite Tolkien tome. Marking your place has never been so much fun.’






Key to Erebor

5) The key to Erebor (Weta $29.99)

No mere trinket, the key to the kingdom of Erebor, long lost in Dol Guldur, can now find its way to your bookshelf.  Guard it well, and mark your calendar for Durin’s Day.







Galadriel's Flower Necklace

6) Galadriel’s flower necklace: Noble Collection $79.00

It could be niphredil, or it might be an elanor flower, either way, it’s beautiful. Crafted in sterling silver by the Elves of Lórien*. (*Otherwise known as the good folks at Noble.)






Letter Opener - Thranduil

7) Noble Collection Thranduil sword letter opener: Noble Collection $29.50

For a very affordable price, you get a high quality miniature sword that will slice through your mail as easily as Legolas vanquishes orcs. In addition to Thranduil’s sword, they also offer Tauriel’s blade, Thorin’s original dwarf sword, Orcrist, Glamdring, the Morgul Blade and Sting, all for $29.95 each.



Lego Escape from Mirkwood Set

8) Lego Escape from Mirkwood Spiders set: Amazon $45.42

Not only do you get Legos of Fili, Kili, Legolas and Tauriel but some wicked spiders with glow-in-the dark eyes and webs to wrap the Dwarves in. Time to slay some of Shelob’s spawn.






9) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles: Art & Design: Amazon $23.99

Hobbit Chronicles Art & Design bookCompiled by Weta Workshop senior concept designer Daniel Falconer, if it’s anything like its predecessors, it will be a feast for the eyes. Study the images in all their glorious detail, and learn what went into creating the sets, props and characters.





Hobbit Moleskin Notebooks

10) Tolkien-illustration Hobbit Moleskin Notebooks: thinkgeek.com $13.27

Great stocking stuffers! Each notebook features a sewn binding, cloth ribbon placeholder, a “JRRT” monogram on the spine and illustrations inside. Great for keeping a journal of your travels across Middle-earth.




It was SOOOOO difficult to chose just 10 items that we had to sneak in two more, one from each of us. Enjoy!

Barware Glasses

11) Green Dragon and Prancing Pony Barware Glasses: thinkgeek.com $24.99

What better way to make a toast at Yuletide? And it comes in pints.







New Zealand Hobbit Stamps1

12) NZ DOS stamps: hobbitshop.com $49.95

Like miniature fine art pieces, these collector’s stamps capture some of the best moments of Desolation of Smaug. Better for framing than for licking.