bombadil If you’ve ever pondered what a Tom Bombadil sequence might look like on film, this amateur short that adapts Tolkien’s chapter In the House of Tom Bombadil The Fellowship of the Ring offers one interesting perspective. It does take its own textual liberties though.

After the four hobbits; Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam leave the Shire for Bree, they encounter some trouble with a Willow Tree, only to be rescued by the mysterious yet whimsical character, Tom Bombadil. As the hobbits linger in Bombadil’s hollow, danger lurks outside the Old Forest, and Frodo begins to question secrets the One Ring may hold. When morning dawns again the hobbits must face an important question; “Who is Tom Bombadil?”


Bonus Tom Bombadil LEGO short just because