AUJ Booklet 1
The following comes to us courtesy of TheHutt, chief editor of

After Warner Brothers finally released the Extended Edition of The
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
on DVD and Blu-ray, several reviewers pointed out one unfortunate thing about the release. Although it was obvious that Warner Brothers made some effort as far as the packaging
of the Extended Edition was concerned, there was a total absence of a booklet of any kind. That was rather annoying, as the stylish booklets included with The Lord of the Rings Special Extended Editions were just the cherry on the top – not only did they feature some nice sketches by Alan Lee and John Howe, but also provided useful information: the chapter list (along with new/extended chapter markings), as well as a navigation path through the intricate bonus menu system.

Therefore TheHutt decided to make things right and create a fan booklet, in order to enable everyone with a licensed copy to print it out and put in one’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Special Extended Edition packaging. There are three versions available for download: DVD, Blu-ray 2D and Blu-ray 3D (PDF, 300 dpi). An Unexpected Booklet

AUJ Booklet 2  AUJ Booklet 3

About the person: TheHutt is chief editor at, the Russian LOTR/Hobbit website. He is also known in the fandom for creating the fonts Ringbearer and Aniron, which are inspired by the original fonts used in The Lord of the Rings movies.