TORn Book ClubThis week, ‘TORn Book Club’ will be airing early due to a scheduling issue. Instead of airing at its normal time of 3pm PST, it will be airing at 11am PST, and there will be plenty to discuss!

We will be reading the winner of November’s Rewrite Tolkien contest, and Sarumann will be doing a special live SPOILER-FREE review of The Desolation of Smaug! Since this will be live with an online audience, we’d love to answer your questions about what to expect!  You can email your questions to so that they don’t get lost in the chat or become affected by the lag.

What constitutes a spoiler? For the purposes of this LIVE review, a spoiler is anything that isn’t already in the book or that hasn’t been shown in trailers and clips that have already gone online. Use your own discretion, and we will use ours. Even with these limitations, there is still lots to talk about and geek out over!

So email Sarumann your questions, then tune in to TORn Live this Sunday at 11am PST and join in the excitement!