Benedict Cumberbatch Once you get past the weirdly silenced bits where his lips move, but there’s no sound (are they hiding stuff from us?), this interview with Benedict Cumberbatch has a lot to offer. His enthusiasm for the character is especially obvious.

Warning for potential movie spoilers! And thanks to Ringer Thranduil05 for the heads-up.

A choice quote from the interview:

Smaug is such a rich character, so vainglorious decrepit, ancient, powerful and yet vulnerable. Huge, just huge. Vast, devlisih, angry. Really, really angry. and very human in his greed and covetousness and his vengeful fury.

He is enormous. He is incredibly quick for something that size, that scale. He breathes fire and he flies.

And as he boasts himself, his wings are hurricane, his tail is a thunderbolt his claws are spears, his teeth are swords and he has a fire that can reduce all to dust and ash. I mean, he’s a one-man army. He’s an utter destructive force of nature. He’s everything you’d ever need in a battle to win it and he’s kinda of a one-man-band when it comes that.