bg_NiZme Do you want to go behind-the-scenes on the filming of The Desolation of Smaug? This is one of the traditional purposes of B-roll footage and, guess what? You can now see samples of that footage!

As with last year, the production (or Warner Bros.) has just released some of the B-Roll footage, so here are three clips for your viewing pleasure below. Now, be warned that since it follows the action of the film in a fairly linear pattern, it’s going to be quite revealing. If you’re waiting for the cinema to see how everything pans out, maybe it’s best to look elsewhere right now. We’re not kidding!

Also, there is dialogue, snippets of which we have transcribed, but it’s hard to know whether it’s the final dialogue that made the cut. You’d think it would be close, even if it was almost certainly subsequently re-recorded in ADR. Thanks to Ringer Sander for the heads-up.

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B-roll #1

Dialogue from a scene in the Wilderland

Thorin: How close is the pack?
Bilbo: Two close. A couple of leagues, no more. But that’s not the worst —
Dwalin: Have the wargs picked up our scent?
Bilbo: Not yet, they will soon enough but there is another problem.
Gandalf: Did they see you? [more accusingly] They saw you.
Bilbo: No, that’s not it.
Gandalf to the dwarves: Oh, what did I tell you? [quite jovially] Quiet as a mouse. Excellent burglar material.
Bilbo: Wi- will you listen? [shouting] Will you just listen?! I’m trying to tell you there is something else out there.

Dialogue from Thranduil’s throne room

Thranduil: It has been a long time Thorin Oakenshield travelled so far east. Where does your journey end?

Later, elsewhere in Thranduil’s halls.

Thranduil: I know you are there. Why do you linger in the shadows?
Tauriel: I was coming to report to you.
Thranduil: I thought I ordered that nest to be destroyed not two moons past.
Tauriel: We cleared the forest as ordered, my lord. But more spiders keep coming up from the south.

A different take:

Tauriel: Will they not spread to other lands?
Thranduil: Other lands are not my concern. The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.

B-roll #2

B-roll two starts with an amazing look at the machinery behind the barrels sequence. It does seem as though Bard stumbles upon the Company as they are recovering from their narrow escape from Azog’s pursuing orcs?

Bard by the Forest River

Bard: Do that again and you’re dead. [bow aimed downward at someone out of frame]

B-roll #3

Gandalf and Radagast in the High Fells

Radagast: These are dark spells, Gandalf. Old, and full of hate. Who is buried here?
Gandalf: If he had a name it has long since been lost. He would have only been known as a servant of evil.

And later…

Radagast: Who would break into such a foul place?
Gandalf: No-one. These tombs were opened from the inside.

Scenes around Lake-town

Master of Lake-town: Bard. you mark my words, that trouble-making bargemen is at the bottom of it all. No-one else has…

Later, indoors.

Alfrid?: I’ll write one immediately
Master of Lake-town: You picked the wrong man to tangle with, master Bard. I hope you’re watching yourself.

Out on the streets of Esgaroth

Lake-towner: They leave tonight?
Bard: Aye. Heading north by the lake. Visiting their kin in the Iron Hills.
Lake-towner: The Iron Hills, you say? Funny route to take north. Would have thought they’d travel by way of the eastern road.

Prophet: His songs shall echo golden. Songs of yore be sung. the streams shall run —

On the mountainside

Dwalin: There’s no way off this cliff-face. No road, no path. It’s impossible to climb.
Thorin: There must be a way. If this map is true and the hidden doorway lies directly above us.