Bard snow New clips from The Desolation of Smaug are popping up in the oddest places. It’s a bit like a game of hide-and-go-seek. Here’s another one from WB Thailand’s Youtube page featuring Thorin and Bard arguing before the people of Lake-town and the Master that extends one of the sequences that we’d seen just a little bit of in the second and third trailer.

We’ve also re-produced the dialogue below, so if you’re avoiding spoilers best look away now!



Bard: If you awaken that beast, it will destroy us all.
Thorin: You can listen to this nay-sayer, but I promise you this: if we succeed all will share in the wealth of the Mountain.
*crowd murmurs excitedly; Balin nods*
Thorin: You will have enough gold to rebuild Esgaroth ten times over!
*crowd roars approval*
Bard: All of you, listen to me! You must listen. Have you forgotten what happened to Dale? Have you forgotten those who died in the firestorm? And for what purpose? The blind ambition of a Mountain-king. So riven by greed he could not see beyond his own desire!
*crowd mutterings*
Bard (to Thorin): You have no right, no right to enter that mountain.
Thorin: I have the only right.