The Yiddish Hobbit Cover“In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.”

One of the great joys of these words is that they are available in so many different languages, as are the countless sentences that follow. They are accessible to so many different cultures and nationalities. Now, for the very first time, Professor Tolkien’s brilliant classic “The Hobbit” is available in the official Yiddish translation, approved by the Tolkien Estate – through Harvard Book Store.

We have Mr. Barry Goldstein to thank for undertaking this newest version of our beloved book. Indeed, he was ideally suited for the task – having served on editorial board of the Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary (Indiana University Press). Lest anyone think that he’s taking a breather after completing this task, he has already begun work on a translation for the next chapter in Tolkien’s saga – “The Fellowship of the Ring” (Di Khavruse fun dem Fingerlekh).

Mr. Goldstein has already received praise for his work in bringing Bilbo’s adventures to a whole new audience of readers. From the official press release:

 “One of the best things I’ve ordered on the Internet recently is [Goldstein’s] Yiddish translation of The Hobbit.”
—Ezra Glinter, The Paris Review
“Goldstein remains committed to ensuring that his own favorites make their way into Yiddish.”
—Natalie Schachar, Tablet Magazine

Travel on over to to obtain your very own copy of Der Hobit (available both through their print and on Demand service). Take note that Harvard Book Store will give you 25% off if you order 10 or more copies ($5 off per copy). Customers who buy their book(s) before November 21, 2013 will receive custom printed copies, featuring a personalized title page containing the organization or family name of your choosing (free of charge)!

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