ThranduilSwordAs we shared with you the other day, our friends at The Noble Collection have some really great stuff coming that will be tied in with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. On top of the four Thranduil related items that we wrote about before, there are another ten more items, for a total of fourteen awesome looking collectibles. These items range from the rings featured in our previous post, to some pretty sweet sculpted bookmarks of Bilbo/Gollum from Riddles in the Dark. If you’re a fan of the mini-sword letter openers then you get three more of these with these being Thranduil’s Sword, Tauriel’s Dagger, and the Morgul Blade. These are just examples of the items you can get from The Noble Collection and have in your collection from December 6th.

Here is the full list of items released today and available from December 6th:

Thranduil Snake Ring $149

Mirkwood Cell Key $24.50

Mirkwood Cell Key Pendant $59

Bilbo Baggins & Gollum Bookend $49

The Pipe of Bilbo Baggins $69

The Pendant of Tauriel $75

Tauriel Dagger Letter Opener $29.50

The Sword of Thranduil Letter Opener $29.50

Morgul Blade Letter Opener $29.50

The Dwarves Bookends $49

Thranduil Crystal Ring $159

Thrandul Mirkwood Ring $149

Thranduil Woodland Ring $149

Thranduil Broach $49