Thorin_Oakenshield Warner Bros. Pictures has released two more TV spots for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The first appears wholly a recut of existing material, but the second features new lines from both Balin and Bilbo. To my mind it indicates more heft is being given to the Balin character and the friendship that we see between the pair in Tolkien’s novel.

Given what Balin says to Bilbo in the second clip, it’s probably worth briefly revisiting the official character description of Balin from mid-2011 (so long ago!). I’ve hidden it under white text for those avoiding spoilers — highlight the section to read.

An old warrior, Balin has lived through hard times and fought many battles, yet he harbors doubts about the wisdom of the Quest to retake the Lonely Mountain.

Thanks to all the Ringers who wrote to let us know about these new clips!