the_arkenmosaic__1_by_peckishowl-d6mk38r Check out this amazing mosaic of Thorin from PeckishOwl, the author of the Oakentoons comic!

I made it myself, but using software for making mosaics. It took about two hours later on to polish (brightness, colors, saturation, contrast and so on) and to fuse the bigger panels together. I’ve used about 250 photos so obtaining them also took about two hours.

You can see the full-resolution image by clicking below, by heading to PeckishOwl’s page on DeviantArt. It offers two levels of magnification (which i think is pretty neat!), and the full resolution is massive so that you can make out all the little images from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that it’s made form.


The Arkenmosaic by PeckishOwl