Romeo and Juliet Orlando Bloom stopped by the EW offices last week to chat about his new role in a Broadway production of Romeo & Juliet as well as other things, including a little about The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Bloom is currently making his Broadway debut at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in Romeo and Juliet opposite two-time Tony nominee Condola Rashad in a modern-day setting with the original language directed by David Leveaux.

Chatting with fans, he discussed his Broadway warm-up routine, how he got involved in the production and the challenges of working in front of a live audience.

He also chats briefly about the Hobbit. In fact, starting at around the 22-minute mark he flirts around one of the livewire topics for The Desolation of Smaug (highlight below to read potential movie spoilers) — the persistently rumoured Tauriel-Legolas romance.

With elves that live forever, that are eternal beings, I was thinking about how they would feel about other people. And I think that depth of feeling is something that can’t really be … is sort of a really unique thing.

And it’s not as obvious as like, in Romeo and Juliet: let me kiss you, because I’m in love with you.

It’s more — I think there’s a different thing to that. So that romance that you talk of that you talk of, that’s alluded to … is alluded to as opposed to actualised.

Not sure whether that’s reassuring for those sitting in the anti-romance camp, or not. However, TORn Staffer MrCere suggested in the TORn trailer analysis that: “Despite the hints dropped in this trailer, I suspect Legolas will admire more than overtly be romantically involved with Tauriel.”

So there you go!