You may recall a week or so ago, Empire Magazine teased a low-resolution image of Bilbo wrapped in blankets in Lake-town. Now, courtesy of our German friends at we have this rather fine high-resolution version for your viewing pleasure! (Word of warning, this is a largish (approx 5mb) file that is 4896 x 3264 pixels. So it may take a little while to load on slower connections.)

…the dwarves’ good feeling towards the little hobbit grew stronger every day. There were no more groans or grumbles. They drank his health, and they patted him on the back, and they made a great fuss of him; which was just as well, for he was not feeling particularly cheerful. He had not forgotten the look of the Mountain, nor the thought of the dragon, and he had besides a shocking cold. For three days he sneezed and coughed, and he could not go out, and even after that his speeches at banquets were limited to “Thag you very buch.”