Barliman's Chat Just like the TORn website itself, our Barliman’s chatrooms are pretty venerable in internet terms. Near enough as we can tell, we’ve been around since September 18, 1999 (that’s as far back as records go, anyhow).

Over that 14-year timespan we’ve had thousands of chatters come through our doors. Of course, the internet being what it is, times change and people move onto other things. Which is why we’ve declared today (a little later today between 4pm ET and 8pm ET, in fact) to be Barlimoot — a TORnchat drop-in day where folks who used to chat in times past can gather and catch up! So drop on in later and say hello! Order something from Barli (and discover all thge new commands). Who knows what old faces (or nicks) you might run into?

The when

4pm to 8pm ET (New York time)
Time Zone conversions: go here!

The where

Barliman’s chatrooms: follow this link!