Bard the Bowman.
Because there are a bunch of scenes shared scenes between the first Desolation of Smaug trailer, there’s the possibility of examining what Weta Digital has been up to in the intervening few months.

Ringer @arthur_os has done some nifty work to put selected scenes from the two trailers side-by-side so fellow fans can see it for themselves too.

“I’ve made a trailer comparison between the first and the second trailer of the hobbit DOS. There you can compare the quallity and CGI shots. A lot of colour correction was done.”

The colour-grading definitely seems warmer, particularly in the shots involving Azog, Thranduil and Bilbo. We just hope they don’t push it too far and run into the notorious Teal and Orange problem.

Azog seems more detailed and crisper, too. What do you think?