20130924-173417.jpgTime for our live webcast
This week on our live show we invite you into our living room to enjoy an interactive 3-movie Extended Edition LOTR marathon! Currently underway actually in Van Nuys at Matt & Chris’ place (our talented actors who appeared onstage with me during our Long Expected Oscar Party) — we invite you to watch and chat with us during the entire playback. Yes, it will be going live continuously until about 1:00 or 2:00am Pacific Time so drop on by anytime! You can even synch up your DVD at home, we will tell you when we switch discs (we are just finished with FOTR Disc 2 and are about to begin TTT Disc 1). We are already live: so come say hello to your host Clifford
“Quickbeam” Broadway and Matt Musgrove (@Musgrovia on Twitter) and Chris Carwithen — Our innovative live show
includes worldwide fans who join us on the Live Event page
with a built-in IRC chat (affectionately known as Barliman’s Chat
room). Be part of the fun and mischief every week!

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