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This Saturday (at 6pm ET (New York time)), Hall of Fire will return to our chapter-by-chapter read-through of The Lord of The rings, rejoining Frodo, Sam and Gollum as they enter The Dead Marshes.

“To do the job as you put it – what hope is there that we ever shall? And if we do, who knows what will come of that? If the One goes into the Fire, and we are at hand? I ask you, Sam, are we ever likely to need bread again? I think not. If we can nurse our limbs to bring us to Mount Doom, that is all we can do. More than I can, I begin to feel.”

The Two Towers: Book IV, Chapter II: The Passage of the Marshes

Gollum leads the way toward Mordor, but Sam — and Frodo, especially — have trouble keeping pace. The Ring is an increasing burden on for Frodo, weighing him down. Gollum leads them via a track he once used to escape orcs and Frodo has a lucky escape when he becomes ensorcelled by the dead faces that give the marshes their name.

When one of the Nazgul flies overhead, Gollum is overcome with fear. He belives Sauron is aware of the small trio. The impediments increase and the pace slows as they approach the gates of the Black Land. Ever-practical, Sam worries about the state of their food stocks. He also overhears Gollum debating with himself stealing the Ring — is Stinker overcoming the will of Slinker?

Come share your thoughts with us on Saturday in what’s sure to be another great Hall of Fire discussion!

Some suggested reading:

TTT: Bk IV, Ch II: The Passage of the Marshes

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