Barliman's Chat This Saturday (at 6pm ET (New York time)) Hall of Fire will be discussing one of the great (and tragic) heroes of Middle-earth — Boromir the Brave.

‘The Men of Gondor are valiant, and they will never submit; but they may be beaten down. Valour needs first strength, and then a weapon. Let the Ring be your weapon, if it has such power as you say. Take it and go forth to victory!’ The Council of Elrond.

Boromir: the tragic hero of Gondor

A proud, strong warrior and a charismatic leader of men, Boromir the Brave is both a heroic and a tragic figure in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. His need for power, action, and great deeds push him too far. Yet, at the same time, we can find much to admire in his personality.

How do you view the strengths and weaknesses of Boromir?

What would have been the outcome if Boromir had come into possession of It, or if he had persuaded the Walkers to go to Minas Tirith? Would Boromir have acknowledged Aragorn as King? How would you have fared under the influence of the Ring?

Finally, what lessons can we draw from Boromir’s trials?

Come share your thoughts with us on Saturday in what’s sure to be another great Hall of Fire discussion!

Some suggested reading:

The Council of Elrond
The Breaking of the Fellowship
The Passing of Boromir
The Window on the West

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