Road To DragonCon

It’s time once again to join our merry travelers LIVE for the 3rd Annual Road To DragonCon! More meet ups, more fans, more live streaming discussion as the crew drive across the country experiencing America through a Middle-earth lens. LAX to ATL and Back Again, Saturday August 24 – Thursday September 4. Over the next few days we will release details of the route, fan meet ups (or moots) and ways you can get involved!

Doug Brochu Beardomancy

#Road2DCon is new this year on many fronts. Along for the adventure with TORN Tuesday’s Justin is the team behind the Beardomancy101 podcast (iTunes): Ryan Moran and Doug Brochu! You may know Doug from the TV shows ‘Sonny With A Chance’ and ‘So Random,’ but we know him as a loyal Ringer whose TORN Tuesday appearance is the most-watched episode in the show’s two years.


DRIVE to DRIVE for a good cause

This year we are also kicking off the annual site fundraising drive to coincide with the physical drive across The Shire America. is a 100% not-for-profit fan website, By Fans For Fans, who since the beginning has supported many charities including the World Literacy Fund. Going into 2014, Hobbit interest is at an all-time high, and the server bills, event planning and many fan efforts of is involved with require a significant amount of resources. As any visitor to this site will notice, we do not inundate viewers with generic off-topic ads around every piece of content and make every effort to work strategically with brands and fans for a relevant experience. We’d like to keep it this way!

During the next two weeks, there will be  multiple opportunities to support – something for everyone:

  • Exclusive T-shirt and posters from the Emporium of Goods & Sundry Somethings
  • Live stream #Road2DCon Activities – Including purchasing shout outs, topics to discuss and more!
  • Rare & one of a kind collectible auctions on Ebay [Listing Coming Soon!]
  • Event Sponsorship with your brand or business
  • In-person at DragonCon, or any of the fan meetups along the way.

Stay tuned this week as we announce more details about our Roadtrip and our annual fundraising events.