PJ Have you ever wondered how Peter Jackson’s film-making style has evolved over the last 15 or so years?

The short, retrospective video below offers a few tantalizing glimpses into Jackson’s thoughts on his works as he’s built his career across that period — something that, perhaps, could one day lead to a cinematic production involving The Silmarillion.

Of course, the hurdles that confront such an effort are enormous, ranging from the well-known reluctance of Tolkien Estate to licence such an effort and the ambivalence of the Kiwi director, to the legendary and quite immense complexity of the work itself.

Still, one wonders … after all, Peter Jackson has stated misgivings in various interviews in the past about being involved in more large, complex works, yet here he is devoting years of his life to another three-film extravaganza.

– Do you think a translation of The Silmarillion to a visual medium is even possible?
– Do you think Peter Jackson’s return to The Hobbit, despite his initial reluctance, improves the chance of such a production?
– Shall a third time at trilogy-making pay for all?
– If it ever occurred, how do you envision a successful ‘Silmarillion’ adaptation or translation? An end-to-end production, or cherry-picked for the best bits? As a movie, a TV series, a web-series, or even something else like a graphic novel or transmedia?

Let us know your thoughts below!