Argonath_Diorama_Complete (8) Ringer Giurunian writes to tell us of this amazing diorama of the Argonath created by Russian sculptor Alexander Krasnov last year.

Krasnov calls the work “The Guardians” and created it from completely scratch using little more than plastics, foam sponge, PVA glue, gypsum, cardboard and a dremel. Oh, and some paint!

The scale is, apparently, 1:100, and the diorama measures 40 centimetres by 28 centimetres. The Argonath figures of Isildur and Anarion are 65 millimetres high and are based on the movie (and subsequent Weta collector sculpts), rather than the bookends released with the Collector’s DVD Gift Set of The Fellowship of the Ring.

We’re not certain about the boat. Apparently it’s elvish-inspired but it doesn’t much resemble either Peter Jackson’s ship of Cirdan at the Grey Havens, nor Ted Nasmith’s famed illustration. Definitely not a swan ship of Aqualonde either.

Regardless, it’s a visually stunning piece. Scroll down to check out the work in progress photos, and the finished product from a variety of angles.

Oh, and if you’re reading, Alex, get in touch because we’d love to find out more about how you did it!

The Guardians by Alexander Krasnov. Click for full gallery.

The Guardians by Alexander Krasnov. Click for work-in-progress gallery.