HobbitEELate last night Amazon.com added a price and the option to pre-order the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Gift Set. This gift set comes with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 3D Blu-Ray, 2D, appendicies disc, and like The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Gift Sets, a special statue. This statue captures ‘The Riddles in the Dark’ sequence of the film featuring Gollum coming over a rock while Bilbo stands a bit scared of what is going on around him. The statue has been created by the amazing folks at Weta Workshop and was sculpted by Gary Hunt.You can get this set from Amazon for only $69.99 which is a great deal considering the regular 5-disc set is $38.99. [Gift Set] [Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray + Ultraviolet] [Blu-Ray + Ultraviolet]

Order your gift set via this link: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition with Amazon Exclusive Bilbo/Gollum Statue (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + UltraViolet)

5-Disc Specs: 5 Disc BD: BD 1: 3D Ext Edition Feature + NZ Trailer BD 2: 3D Ext Edition Feature BD 3: 2D Ext Edition Feature + Filmmaker’s Commentary BD 4: • “The Appendices Part 7 – A Long Expected Journey: The Chronicles of The Hobbit – Part 1” • “The Appendices Part 8 – Return to Middle-Earth: Creating the World of The Hobbit” UV Copy of Ext Edition

Statue Specs: “Riddles in the Dark” was sculpted by Gary Hunt from Weta Workshop. Gary is part of the wider Weta team who worked on the film. The figurine is approximately 2.07 lbs. Size: 8” wide, 5.25” deep and 7” tall. The outer giftset box is illustrated by the film’s concept artists Alan Lee and John Howe. –

UPDATE: You can also get the gift set with regular Blu-ray (non-3D) via this link right here. The product details are nearly the same with a slightly smaller price for those who don’t have and will not have 3D televisions in the future. (The 3D version comes with a regular Blu-ray version also.)


[Gift Set] [Blu-Ray 3D + Blu-Ray + Ultraviolet] [Blu-Ray + Ultraviolet]