Barliman's Chat This weekend in the Hall of Fire, we’ll be chatting about the final chapter of Book III of The Two Towers.

‘Go to sleep!’ said Merry. ‘You’ll get information enough, sooner or later. My dear Pippin, no Took ever beat a Brandybuck for inquisitiveness; but is this the time, I ask you?’

‘All right! What’s the harm in my telling you what I should like: a look at that stone? I know I can’t have it, with old Gandalf sitting on it, like a hen on an egg. But it doesn’t help much to get no more from you than a you-can’t-have-it so-go-to-sleep!’

The Two Towers: Book III, Chapter XI: The Palantìr

When Wormtongue hurls a black orb at Saruman from the upper levels of Orthanc, the first to respond is Pippin. Gandalf rescues it from him, but the strange object piques the Hobbit’s curiosity.

Later that night when Gandalf, Theoden and the remainder of the company rest, Pippin finds a way to steal the orb from the wizard’s grasp and peer into its dark depths. His reckless toying with the orb, an ancient Palantìr that allows communication over incredible distances, rapidly puts him in dreadful danger — caught in the grasp of the Dark Lord himself. Only Sauron’s greedy desire to bring the Hobbit to Barad-dur for direct questioning saves the Quest.

Gandalf quickly pulls the truth of the encounter from the terrified Hobbit, then as one of the Nine flies over their camp leaves the Palantìr with Aragorn and rides with Pippin for Minas Tirith.

Join us this weekend for what is sure to be yet another lively debate.

Some suggested reading:

TTT Bk III, Ch XI: The Palantìr
Unfinished Tales: The Palantìr

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