BOHfixed-1Director Kate Madison, who produced the hugely successful Lord of the Rings prequel, gathers some of the main actors for an online screening of the film with live commentary “It’s going to be a fun evening with many of the still untold stories from behind the scenes, live music, questions from fans via Facebook and Twitter and the start of my next project to crown the event” says Kate and adds “It’s totally unscripted, so anything can happen!”

REN_KICKSTARTERThe new project is a web series called REN after its lead character, who lives a quiet life in a small village until dramatic events, involving an ancient powerful spirit and the ruling warrior order of the Kah’Nath, forces her to leave her safe existence and find the truth behind the web of lies she’s believe in all her life.

“The inspiration for the show is very much rooted in great fantasy stories like The Lord of the Rings, but epic books and TV series like Game of Thrones and the more lighthearted Legend of the Seeker have also influenced me in the creation of REN” says Kate. She adds that one of the most important features of Born of Hope was the fan base that helped finance, design and even act in the film and that she is keen to involve the fans even more in this project “The series is in the very early stages, with only the first season written, so we will look to the online fan community to influence what happens… and yes, even be in it!”

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