Barliman's Chat Throughout the War of the Ring there were several turning points, but among the most crucial to the downfall of Sauron was the battle of Helm’s Deep and the defeat of Saruman’s forces.

This Saturday, (July 15 at 6pm EDT (New York time)) the Hall of Fire crew invite you to join us as we discuss the downfall of Saruman, the wizard who would become the Lord of the Ring.

‘Welcome, my lords, to Isengard!’ he said. ‘We are the doorwardens. Meriadoc, son of Saradoc is my name; and my companion, who, alas! is overcome with weariness’ – here he gave the other a dig with his foot – ‘is Peregrin, son of Paladin, of the house of Took. Far in the North is our home. The Lord Saruman is within; but at the moment he is closeted with one Wormtongue, or doubtless he would be here to welcome such honourable guests.’

The Two Tower: Book III, Chapter VIII: The Road to Isengard

The battle of Helm’s Deep is over, and the forces of Saruman have been defeated, thanks in no small part to the assistance of the denizens of Fangorn Forest. With the followers of the White Hand defeated, Gandalf travels to Isengard to confront the wizard he once called friend.

However, the price of victory is high — many Men of the Mark lie dead.

The Road to Isengard, living in the shadow of the chapter before it, tenderly deals with the aftermath of Helm’s Deep and the strengthened bonds of the survivors. We continue to see the relationship of Gimli and Legolas flourish, along with the bond Aragorn and Éomer forged during battle.

It also serves to highlight how evil can corrupt good to the point where it is the device of its own destruction.

Join us this Saturday in Hall of Fire for what promises to be a great discussion as we return to our Lord of the Rings read-through.

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