The-Hobbit-Poster-2 A new survey shows New Zealanders are divided on whether the Government’s subsidy to ensure the Hobbit was made in the country was value for money.

A UMR Online Omnibus Survey asked 1,000 New Zealanders aged over 18 whether they thought the subsidy was worthwhile. A narrow margin 42% to 38% thought it did represent value for money, with men, older New Zealanders and those on higher incomes more likely to be in favour.

Production of the films had threatened to be taken overseas until the Government stepped in and offered Warner Brothers a tax break worth $25 million and amended employment laws.

The first installment in the trilogy was released in December and has made more than US$1 billion in global ticket sales. An independent report commissioned for the Wellington City Council also estimated that holding the film premiere and red carpet event in the city centre contributed $11,794,995 million to the region late last year.

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