The unexpected journey begins this December. A group of Canadian researchers from the University of British Columbia is conducting a study that they call Digital Cinema in Transition and you can help out! The Hobbit is one of the films that the group is studying. They say that a significant part of the study is a questionnaire designed to gauge audience responses to the film. They’re looking to obtain a rich representation of fans of the series, and are hoping that readers and Tolkien fans can help out.

Digital Cinema in Transition aims to map the production and reception of film storytelling in the digital economy, in Canada and beyond. The project identifies how film producers apply digital media in their creation of cultural works for theatrical and on-line distribution. The project also defines how audiences, in Canada and across the world, engage digitally with these media, especially through mobile communication with other viewers and users in on-line environments.

“We’re not affiliated with any studios, and the project is for academic purposes only. The questionnaire is anonymous and we don’t share any personal or private information.”

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