Only days away from the Tolkien event of the year and we are pleased to announce our latest sponsor for ‘The One Expected Party’ – Sideshow Collectibles! Sideshow is not just a long-time friend of, they are also manufacturers of some of the best Tolkien related collectibles available!

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow CollectiblesMore than 15 years ago, Sideshow Collectibles embarked on a mission of connecting people with their favorite icons from the worlds of film, television and comic books. This innocent quest has since blossomed into a unique celebration of popular culture, made possible by a worldwide devoted community committed to the art and lifestyle of collecting.

Sideshow Experience is an insight into our travels, a showcasing of creative endeavors, personal expression, and meaningful relationships developed through this unusual journey.

Sideshow does business online at


Sideshow is pulling all the stops to help support our event. From loaning us a life-size troll, Gollum and a few other decorative pieces, they are also generously donating some extremely unique collectibles for our silent auctions and giveaways. We mentioned previously the Artist Proof Balrog, but we are now also pleased to announced a few other hand signed pieces of fine art: Gandalf On Gwaihir Over Helm’s Deep Artist Proof by Alan Lee (signed by Alan Lee, Richard Taylor, and Ian McKellen);┬áBarad-Dur by John Howe (signed Richard Taylor, Peter Jackson and John Howe); and┬áRivendell Artist Proof by Alan Lee (signed by Richard Taylor, Alan Lee and Peter Jackson). Yea – those are some impressive pieces and available at the party!

Tickets are still available to the public, so don’t miss out! This will be one party you simply cannot miss!

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