According to the little countdown on the left side of this page, we are only 10 days away from ‘The One Expected Party‘ and 8 days away from The Unexpected Art Show!’ (Yes, tickets are still available, but we are getting close to a sell out!) Today we’d like to focus on one of our Mithril sponsors for the event, Air New Zealand. AirNZ is not only the official airline of Middle-earth, but they are also officially supporting the fans of Middle-earth by providing both financial and airfare support for our event. In fact, we can thank them for flying in Billy Boyd and Beecake all the way from Scotland!

Air New Zealand

Air New ZealandAir New Zealand is the official airline of Middle-earth with a global two-movie partnership with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

As part of the two-year partnership, passengers from North America can fly on Hobbit-wrapped Boeing 777 aircraft and even enjoy a very special edition of the in-flight safety video.

Destination New Zealand is clearly established as the home of Middle-earth and Air New Zealand brings that magic to life for travelers.

Just as Sir Peter Jackson is able to transport audiences to the magical world of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand brings people to the breathtaking landscape that has been home to these epic productions.

Air New Zealand will be sending a Hobbit-themed crew to help escort our VIPs throughout ‘The One Expected Party,’ and will also be displaying a scale model of the Hobbit-wrapped 777. They are also generously contributing four unique ‘Hobbit’ packs for our giveaway – packs that are not for sale and only available through events like ‘The One Expected Party.’

We hope you can join us and our friends from Air New Zealand for a magical night in Hollywood! Purchase your tickets today!

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