Official?A fan’s version of The Hobbit’s Blu-ray cover.[/caption]A fan’s version of The Hobbit’s Blu-ray cover.[/caption]With Blu-ray / DVD box art floating around the internets of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” we suggested it would be fun if fans (and there are a lot of artistic and talented ones out there) made their own covers. A few souls responded immediately with some fun art and we thought a fun contest was in order. The best of the bunch will win a t-shirt with winners will be chosen by staff. More than the contest though, we just thought it would be great to make the imaginary marketing by fans, for fans. Still no word on the released art being official but no denials either. So, for the next few days, show us your best box art! Feel free to draw or sketch or photoshop or think outside the box and send your entries to with subject BLU-RAY ENTRY. Click on any of the thumbnails below for a full box version and again for an even larger version. Have fun!