Barliman's Chat Fan reaction to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been broadly supportive, and the commercial success of the film is undeniable. But we all recognise there are divergences from the canon of Tolkien’s legendarium.

That’s why, this weekend, Hall of Fire will revive our traditional Tolkien Purists’ Whine and Cheese Party™, and pick apart all the changes that Peter Jackson and his crew chose to make.

We’ll be asking … what were the things — big or little — that bugged you?

Is it the portrayal of Radagast the Brown? The total invention of the Nazgul-tombs? The absence of Dain Ironfoot at Azanulbizar, or the suzvival of the great orc, Azog? Maybe it was the corny one-liners of the Great Goblin? Or maybe it was something else entirely? Something to do with Bilbo, Gandalf or the Dwarves?

Which of these threw you? Which ones were you able to shrug off and just roll with? And, since changes inevitably come with adaptations, do they really make that much of a difference?

Join us this Saturday January 12 at 5pm EST (New York time) in Hall of Fire when we’ll discuss all this and more!

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