thumb3_1_largeIf you’re a fan of the Eaglemoss Company you know they do some of the coolest figures in 1:25 scale. During The Lord of the Rings trilogy, they produced numerous figures representing some of the many characters we saw in Peter Jackson’s adaptation. Now, Eaglemoss is back to produce the same high level figures for Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit; right now on their website you can get a look at the first six figures in this series. Currently shown on the Eaglemoss site are: Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Dwalin, Bolg,  and Gollum. If you order now, there is a free gift offer which includes a larger figurine of Bert – one of the three trolls – as well as a stand to place your figures on. These figures cost 7 pound sterling, and come with a special magazine based on each character. As of now these figures are only available in the UK; hopefully those of us in the US can get our hands on these from EagleMoss soon.

You can check out the full range so far at: Eaglemoss: The Hobbit Trilogy