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Preview 60 seconds from each song on the Hobbit soundtrack!

November 8, 2012 at 4:41 am by Demosthenes  - 

This French website has a preview of 60 seconds from every song on the soundtrack to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I guarantee that anyone who loves Tolkien will be really pleased by Blunt The Knives in particular. Spoilers!

Click image to for Hobbit soundtrack previews

Posted in Hobbit Movie, The Hobbit on November 8, 2012 by

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38 responses to “Preview 60 seconds from each song on the Hobbit soundtrack!”

  1. Chad Brick says:

    Happy happy joy joy. Love the ending credit song!

  2. Michael Bohuslavsky says:

    Thanks so much for posting this link, some good ones in these snippets for sure! Misty Mountains sounds great!

  3. Lecrazy says:

    Best news I’ve heard all month.

  4. An ancient enemy= ringwraiths?? sounds like it

  5. TheOldGaffer says:

    Howard Shore’s LOTR music is my favorite, so it’s comforting to hear those familiar Concerning Hobbits, Rivendell and Lothlorien refrains here in “The Hobbit.” The entire soundtrack has an earthy woody-ness about it. Give it up for “Radagast the Brown”! As a bohdran player, I am overjoyed to hear the drums
    and Celtic music influences in this score. Alas, can that indeed be Uilleann pipes I hear in “Erebor”? Be still my beating heart! I think Howard Shore may have outdone himself on this film….and there are two more to come!!

  6. I get it now, Thorin and Gandalf will tell Bilbo the story as they go along, hense the an ancient enemy, hill of sorcery and radagast tracks???

  7. TheOldGaffer says:

    Correction. It is bodhran. I can play it; just can’t spell it, I guess. 😛

  8. TheOldGaffer says:

    Don’t want to give anything away, but the “ancient enemy” is more powerful than the Nazgul ringwraiths…..

  9. Szymek Nosek says:

    “An Ancient Enemy”. It’s Sauron(I think)

  10. Tari says:

    Maybe I should learn French. Or maybe my computer isn’t working, but I can’t find where to click to make the songs play.

  11. E. Stephen Burnett says:

    And now it’s gone. Repeat: they removed the preview-listening feature.

    If you have it up now, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT close out that tab!

    Or so you shall be as I art now. Alas!

  12. Diet Cherry says:

    Argh! The site says “Listening Unavailable”. Well this sucks, a lot.

  13. mr. me says:

    Am I the only one that this website isn’t working for? It says listening unavailable 🙁

  14. Scott says:

    Looks like they’ve removed the preview clips! I listened to it 3x before I exited and came back, and I can’t listen to it any more… guess I’ve gotta wait till Dec 11 🙁

  15. TheOldGaffer says:

    Well, it appears this musical interlude was short and sweet. The French website has apparently discontinued the sampler soundtrack music from “The Hobbit.” We’re back to waiting until December…….

  16. David Chipman says:

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in Canada.

  17. dupcengier26 says:

    preview is not available …

  18. jan says:

    i think they have disabled it now. It says (as near as i can tell) “Player unavailable”. Damn.

  19. Catje says:

    It doesn’t seem to work for me; perhaps it is the fact I don’t read French 🙂

  20. Linda Turner says:

    I got to listen to it in the morning and then it disappeared by late afternoon. I also cannot download my free music for buying the advance tickets.

  21. bookworm says:

    The button used to be where it says “ÉCOUTE INDISP.” For some reason it is no longer available.
    I really want to listen to the previews again; so, I hope they fix it.

  22. “The World is Ahead” is practically identical to Howard Shore’s music for Hugo

  23. Ethan Howard says:

    It says “listening unavailable” for both score sets.

  24. heyheyhey says:

    Just for all who didn’t get to hear the lovely music, the Far Over the Misty Mountains song we all heard in the trailer is not the entire thing. For the 60 seconds I got to hear, it went like this…

    Far over, the Misty Mountains cold

    To dungeons deep, and caverns old

    We must await, ere break of day

    To find our long, forgotten gold

    The pines were roaring, on the heights……………………

  25. Straelbora says:

    Preview pulled? What? Another d*ck move on the part of a Tolkien-derived copyright holder? I’m shocked! Waiting for Saul Zaentz to sic his lawyers on some kid who named his cat “Bilbo.”

  26. guys, hear them in youtube on this guy´s channel:

  27. I don’t speak French, are these supposed to be free previews. I keep seeing a thing for what I assume is to pay .99 euros for each preview.

  28. Tari says:

    This link worked for me. So excited!!

  29. gbvenom says:

    Says listening unavailable :/

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