UPDATE: We’re sorry but we’ve been asked to remove this video.  If you want to see the exclusive footage, it’s available at Denny’s restaurants – visit your local Denny’s and scan the QR code on special Hobbit placemats!

Go behind-the-scenes at The Unexpected Party with this neat little video featurette, and see just how manic it gets. Richard Armitage sums it all up nicely: “Whenever there was the opportunity for a food-fight, or a drinking song, the dwarves would take it.” Readers will be pleased to find that one particular song from the chapter has definitely been filmed! And the amount of food seems monumental. John Callen (Oin) says: “…an awful lot of food, and quite a few props”. Spoilers, naturally, and thanks to our friends at Tolkiendrim for the heads-up!