Ringer Captain Salt reports that there’s some plot spoilers (but not many) contained in The Hobbit movie storybook, and that some of the antagonists of the story may be appearing earlier on than many have expected. If you’re trying to avoid plot spoilers, don’t read on!

“Well, the new TH books just became available on Kindle…am browsing through them, (there don’t appear to be many spoilers whatsoever, in fact they’re all very barebones)…however, in the TH movie storybook, there’s something which is rather curious — apparently, Thorin & Co. are first attacked by Orcs and their Warg pack outside the Trollshaw, taking refuge in Rivendell just in time…but these Orcs find them again as they flee the Goblins of the Misty Mountains (leading to “Out of the Frying Pan”). The book also mentions an Orc Chieftain — there’s a picture of Fimbul, but this may be reference to Yazneg. No mention of how or why these Orcs found are Company are stalking them, but thought it was interesting what what are referred to in the ‘Warg Battle” LEGO set as ‘Hunter Orcs’ enter the picture as early as the Trollshaw…”

Looking at the tracklisting for the soundtrack that finally came out the other day, it seems as though this corresponds directly to the track titled “Warg Scouts”, which is after the encounter with the three trolls, but does indeed come before the party arrives in Rivendell.

Captain Salt also adds that according to the storybook, Bilbo falls into Gollum’s cave BEFORE the Dwarves are brought before the Goblin King. This means Riddles will play out concurrently with the Goblin Town sequence — which kinda makes sense if you start thinking about the fact that the Gollum sequence goes for as much as 13 minutes (according to what Andy Serkis said at Comic-Con in July).