It’s almost party time in Wellington, as they gear up for the world premeir of The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey on November 28. From the city of Wellington website: Wellington City Council will contribute $1.1 million to the premiere week activities and towards ensuring Wellington is again looking its best under the international spotlight. Celebrations and preparations for the World Premiere are already well underway, highlights include:

  • A ‘countdown clock’ to be installed on the front of the Embassy Theatre. The clock will count down the minutes to the beginning of the premiere celebrations.
  • Stunning artwork inspired by The Hobbit Trilogy to welcome visitors at Wellington International Airport and across the city.
  • A Hobbit-inspired Artisan Festival in Waitangi Park showcasing the various craftspeople and talent involved in the making of The Hobbit Trilogy.
  • Outdoor, free public screenings of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy leading up to the premiere night event.

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