“Also,” went on Gandalf, “I forgot to mention that with the map went a key, a small and curious key. Here it is!” he said, and handed to Thorin a key with a long barrel and intricate wards, made of silver. “Keep it safe!”

The next item to debut from The Noble Collection is the Map and Key of Thorin Oakenshield. As is quite clear by the name, this intricately detailed collectible features two of the most important props from the films, second only to The One Ring itself. As you can see by the images, Thorin’s Map and Key of Erebor are set against a black plaque, making it easy to mount on your office/home wall. The SRP for this amazing setup is only $79  and will be on The Noble Collection website early next week, with shipping starting in early December. [The Noble Collection] (Check out higher res images below!)